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Condition Report

What is a Condition Report?

In the case of stained-glass, no two objects are identical and each will undergo various alterations. The inner and outer surfaces of a panel (including its glass, lead, and paint) do not have the same characteristics and endure different environmental conditions. Panels are subject to physical and mechanical damage such as condensation, microorganisms, deposits, wind pressure, vandalism, and the list goes on…

This is a preliminary procedure that allows us to establish and document the condition of the object.

Documentation comprises of :

  • General photographs of the back, front and sides of an object
  • Detail photographs of damage or alteration to the object
  • Diagrams used to annotate and easily depict alteration phenomena (such as missing or loose paint, cracks, growth of microorganisms, etc.)
  • Written documentation of the state of the object, its materials, datation, provenance, dimensions, location, etc.